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  2. Select the tax bracket which fits your circumstances. �
  3. Then enter, by percentages, how you want your money allocated to the departments in the Federal Budget.
    • Agriculture: 5
    • Labor: 3.5
    • Health & Human Services: 3
    • and so on...
  4. Use the Check Your Values button to check your sums - this will tell you how much you have to allocate.
  5. When you have it all setup, click the SUBMIT button, we will validate then save your data.
  6. Then you will see your data, data from your ZIP code, and the actual 2016 Federal Budget.
  7. You can come back at any time and see how people are voting.
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  9. Note: The budget of the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION has no effect on the social security fund itself, only on the administration of the program.
  10. For a view of the Trump administration's 2018 proposed budget and its impact on science funding see White House budget plan would slash science at Science News.

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  • Smallest allocation is 0.1%, largest is 100%.
  • Please, only submit one form! Take your time, there is no rush or come back when you have thought it over.
  • We think it is more fun to see the results after, but if you wish to see a "cheat sheet" with the real 2006/2016 Federal allocations, click here
  • The total 2016 Federal budget was $1,109,125,000,000. 1% of that is $10 Billion $192 Million and change.

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For the Departments enter your percentages then use Check Your Values button on the bottom to check, repeat as needed until you allocate 100%.
Any number between 0.1 and 100 is valid, % is not needed. An equal spread of 4% for every department = 96% total.
Use the SUBMIT when you wish to save your data.

Agriculture % Commerce % Defense %
Education % Energy % Health & Human Services %
Homeland Security % Housing & Urban Development % Interior %
Justice % Labor % State %
Transportation % Treasury % Veterans Affairs %
Corps of Engineers % Environmental Protection Agency % Executive - Office of the President %
Judicial Branch % Congress - Legislative Branch % NASA %
National Science Foundation % Small Business Administration % Social Security Administration %

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