Why VOTE? Why this WEBSITE?
A number of years ago I was strolling along a beautiful street in Victoria, British Columbia, watching as City workers went down the street watering the flower baskets lining the avenue. I thought to myself, "Iīd support this with my tax dollars". Not all of it for baskets like this, needless to say, but some of it. I'd love to be able to allocate $1 of my taxes not to the presidential campaign fund, but to installing and keeping flower baskets on Main Street.

Over the years, paying Federal Income Tax and knowing that I had no control over where the money was spent that simple thought grew into "Why can't we all vote with our tax dollars?" For example, letīs say the government can use 50% as they wish and I can allocate the remaining 50%. Fair? I know this is risky, we might not be able to spend the money on the BLA-BLA project or some other boondoggle, but we might be able to get a few of our Veterans off the street and into rehab where they belong.

It is nothing new or radical, it just seems to make sense that we should vote with our money. We do this everyday in our daily lives, we vote for brand X over brand Y, fortunes are made and broken depending on our whims, why not do the same with the "fine folks" in Washington D.C? Capturing how we would vote with our tax dollars COULD send a clear message to anyone willing to listen - the people (and no one else) are saying; trim here, add here, adjust this amount to meet what we think we need to spend money on.

As I said, this is nothing radical, this website is just a way for us all to call the shots for a change with absolutely no harm to anyone. A simple method for us all to poll together as we feel the pain of our tax bites on April 15th. It is our country and these are our tax dollars at work.

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