On August 1st we celebrate the Swiss national day. There will be whip cracking, flag throwing,
alpenhorn playing, sausages roasting, bondfire or signal fires from the peaks across the
country. In general, weather permitting or not, the Swiss will make a lot of smoke!

For the last few years, I've meant to photograph the local sales of fireworks. My tour starts in the
city center of Neuchatel then we go to the suburban shopping center. Unless marked '18', anyone
with money can buy these goodies. The young men in the later photos were trying to maximize
their money, to get the most bang for the franc. The young man running the tent at the JUMBO was
most kind and helped them spend every centime they had!

The dollar is slightly more than the Swiss Franc currently, but has been on par this year, I've tried
to include prices when I could.

The city will supply a nice 3 barge show on the 1st, other cities in the area will begin on the 31st
so we can watch pro-shows for two nights back to back!

Our local fireworks shops