Illumination of the Jardin de Fivaz - (Jardin Anglais) - 14-SEP-2002 22:00

The Société Auguste Fivaz would like to thank all the volunteers, families, artists, the people of and the Ville de Neuchâtel without whom this project would not have been possible. We were also blessed with perfect weather and an exceptional reception by those who viewed the illumination.

Friends of the Société who helped:  Anne Monnier, Athena Sargent, Karin Maurer, Marco Solomoni, Alan Watson, Anna Contene, Anne-Laure & Jèrôme Jaquet,  Brooke Miller, Conchetta, Elena Arrelano, Erwin Maurer, Fred & Kathy Berezin,  Ger Banaghan, Helen McCarthy, Isabelle, Mme. Loersch, Phyllis & David Sharp, Pier Schwab & god-daughter, Roger and Edwina Little, The Wolf Family, Teresa O'Toole and those whose names we don't know.
The story of the illumination can be seen by clicking  this link. 
Close ups of the lanterns and some art bags can be found
Art bags by known artists can be seen here.
Please see our press clippings, in L' Express and in French; announcing the event and a report on the event.

John Sergneri/David Brooks

Photo by Marc Jeanmonod

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