The photographs which follow show a rough approximation of the steps taken to build the crèche and also show our atelier, where 90% of the work took place.

Fred working on the dome for the crèche, mid-October, 2002. Note Conrad Meier's exquisite draperies shimmering in the background.

An early image layout used to size the amount of content needed. As it turned out, we considered over 2,000 images and consumed over 700 images to build the project. We estimate over 200 images went into the frame and over 400 in the dome, and we didn't use 100 or more of those available.

David and Marco inserting the finished dome in the vitrine staging area. This staging area was instrumental in
allowing us to mock up the whole concept in our atelier prior to installation.

Ger working on the motors for the dervishes and the carousel near another of Conrad Meier's exquisite draperies.

François and David working on placing the moving parts and motors in the base material and, below, placing the blue lichen around the moving parts. Again, Conrad Meier's exquisite fabrics add flare to the atelier.

David and François adjusting the flying objects in the dome. The black cardboard rings on the front florescent tube allowed us to control the amount and position of the light from this fixture.

Power system, light for the left hand side, and speaker.

David and François looking at the almost finished installation, 23-December-2002.


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